Get UDID in a few seconds without iTunes, XCode or even a mac or a PC.

Just connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod and tap the button to find UDID quickly.

  • Security


    At QILIN we care about security. The process that takes place to get your udid is simple and based on Apple's enterprise deployement policies for iDevices. The enterprise's IT department needs to uniquely identify the iDevice in order to configure automatically things such as language or network's vpn. As it is stated in the provisioning profile we use, and which contains "Device enrollment challenge", we limit the process to device identification. The provisioning profile installs for a short period of time and doesn't change anything on your iOS device. Additionnally, to be installed, the profile needs user's acknowledgement.
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  • Privacy


    At QILIN, we have a deep respect for your privacy. No information is stored by QILIN during the iOS device identification procedure. The only information retrieved is the one presented to the user in the final step. This includes, the iDevice's UDID, the iDevice model (iPhone 5, iPad2 etc.), the serial number, and the iDevice's version (Wifi, 3G, CDMA etc.).
    You can share your iOS device information by emailing it at the very end of the process. Again no email address or any other information is gathered by QILIN at this step, everything takes place on your iDevice.

  • How it works

    How it works

    In order to get your iDevice UDID, you just have to follow these 3 simple steps:


    Connect with your iOS device to and tap Get my UDID button


    Install the temporary provisioning. The settings app may ask for your password to install the provisioning.


    Share your information by email with whoever you want.

    Voila! Done. Nothing changed on your iOS device. It took only few seconds, and there was no need for XCode, iTunes, or even a Computer!

    Since iOS 7 it's impossible to get UDID directly on an Apple iOS device, so all "find my UDID" apps are gone from the Appstore...
    Actually users must plug their iPhone or iPad to iTunes or xCode for retrieving UDID and the process is long and tedious especially for adding a fleet of iDevices to an ad-hoc distribution profile.
    But Easy UDID provides an easier way to get UDID directly from the Web.
    In order to create an iOS distribution list, Software companies have just to ask their customers to connect on with the concerned devices for finding UDID in a few seconds.
    No need to connect devices to a computer and explain the tedious process to the customers.

    Easy UDID is the best iOS developer tool to get UDID on all iOS versions including iOS 8.